Wednesday, September 8, 2010

People Are Morons...

I read a review today on a cheesesteak shop near my house.

The reviewer gave them poor comments across the board because they didn't like the food. Not everyone likes a cheesesteak, how that's possible is beyond me, but the real problem I have with this review is

The stupid woman ordered a VEGGIE CHEESESTEAK: NO STEAK, NO CHEESE.

Seriously?? What did she expect? A fucking order like that gets you a pile of sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms. THAT'S IT. She complained about the bread being too chewy. NO SHIT. Thats because there isn't any juice from the MEAT AND CHEESE soaking into it to soften it up.

I really, really, REALLY hope this woman gets a flat tire on a rainy day with a dead cell phone.... at the least.

Anyone who has had a cheesesteak should know what I'm getting at here. Stupid.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rogue Brewery is Awesome.

Ahh, Rogue 21 Ale. I'll skip the snobby sounding description of the flavor and just say you don't want to miss it. I really hope this one becomes a mainstream beer that I can pick up at Safeway one of these days.

Truly delicious, if you can find it. As far as I can tell, it's only available at the brewery currently.

Up too late...

I find myself up too late just about every night. I'm not too keen on taking sleeping pills since I DO need to wake up for work and not be groggy.

It's this god damn internet... must..... click...... refresh.......

Monday, September 6, 2010

PDX Food Carts

I'm sure if you live in PDX you already know this, but Portland has some of the best (if not THE BEST) food carts anywhere.

Cheesesteaks, waffles, BBQ, burgers, Korean, Japanese, Greek... I could keep going.

I found a website that does a pretty good job at keeping track and discovering new carts.

Cheesesteaks and Burgers off of Pioneer Courthouse Square is definitely my favorite place so far. Close runner up is Mobster Meatballs up on College ST/4TH Ave.


Labor Day BBQ

Everyone in my area, I'm having a BBQ tonight. I plan on doing ribs, burgers, and hotdogs. See you there!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

So much for a day off

For years I've worked for employers that were open during Labor Day - Regular business hours.

Now that I'm finally working for one who is closed, everyone else I know is working! I'm probably going to end up sleeping  in, and then surfing the net all day.

Go figure!